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HRDF Academy for Leadership
  1. The Applicant must be a Saudi national.

  2. A full-time employee at a private-sector establishment.

  3. Holds a bachelor’s degree as a minimum.

  4. Has at least five years of work experience, including two years of experience as supervisor/manager.

  5. Fluency in English for the program offered in English.

The program duration is 12 weeks, includes direct training and Web meetings.

Leaders can apply what has been learnt from the program in the workplace.

What are the program’s objectives?

1-Develop Saudi future leaders in the private sector.

2-Achieve qualitative localization of leadership in terms of providing high-caliber leaders with excellent planning and innovation capabilities.

3-Ensure the optimal human investment in the national establishments.

4-Equip participants with the necessary information and leadership skills.

5-Transfer global experience and activate principles of effective and influencing leadership.

How long is the program?

The program duration is 12 weeks.

Does the program target only the private sector?


Can other sectors benefit from the program?

The program targets only the private sector.

Which category does the program target?

It targets Saudi men and women who have at least five years of work experience, including a two-year experience as supervisor/manager.

In what languages is the program offered?

It is offered in both Arabic and English languages.

What are the phases of the program?

The 1st Phase: It includes registration & pre-assessment in order to select candidates who will attend the program.

Note that the establishment is the one that nominates candidates’ through registering them in the Academy’s platform.

The 2nd Phase: The candidates take part in a five-day direct training and projects groups are formed.

The 3rd Phase: The trainees apply what they learned from the program in the workplace after they return to their establishment for a period of 4-6 weeks.

The 4th Phase: It includes direct training for five days.

The 5th Phase: The trainees submits their projects and present the projects to a judging panel in order to graduate from the program.

The 6th Phase: It tracks the progress of trainees after they return to their work and measures how the program impacted their performance.

How to register for the HRDF Academy for Leadership?

The registration is done by the establishments, through the academy website Both the establishment and candidates are required to register in the NLG (Taqat) in order to complete the nomination process.

What are the steps for selecting and accepting candidates?

1-Selecting candidates is made by the establishment after the program’s conditions are met in order to allow the candidate join the academy.

2-The employer is responsible for nominating candidates and provide acknowledgement through the establishment’s account in the NLG by clicking on ‘Sign-in’ icon as employer via

Note that If the establishment does not have an account in the NLG, it must register first to be able to nominate its employees.

3-Select ‘Add’ icon to nominatethe candidate and fill out the form, then click on ‘Send’ icon.

4-After the candidates are nominated by the establishments; the academy will review the nominees' credentials in accordance to the acceptance criteria and group them into groups according to the language of the program chosen in the application.

5-the academy’s administration will contact candidates to complete their data and provide additional acceptance requirements (i.e., interviews- document submission) through clicking on ‘Sign-in’ icon as individual via

6-The academy’s administration will notify the candidates of the following procedures, including attending interview and required tests.  

7-The academy’s administration will inform the candidates of the initial acceptance and the timetable.

8- A final list of trainees will be issued.

9- E-mails will be sent to accepted applicants to inform them of the program timetable.

In which cities is the program offered?

The program is offered in both Riyadh and Jeddah. It will take place in Dammam soon.

The academy also launched online distance training for the program.

Does the program require fees?

HRDF pays only training fees.

Who is responsible for travel and accommodation expenses if candidates are living in cities where the program is not offered?

The establishment is responsible to assume travel and accommodation expenses for trainees who live far away from the locations of the program.