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Electronic Employment Exhibition Program

What is the cost of participating in the exhibition?

The exhibition offers its services to the Job Seekers for free and without any financial remuneration.

What are the best time to contact employers?

Regarding the direct contact with the employers, you should know the exact period of the availability of each company’s representative by visiting that company’s platform whereas applying for the vacancies is made available around the clock and all the exhibition days long.

How could I reach the vacancies provided by the exhibition?

You could reach the vacancies by one of these two ways:

  1. Exploring the relevant jobs by using the searching tools provided by the exhibition.
  2. Visiting the booth of the companies participating in the exhibition and peruse the available job opportunities.

How could I apply for a vacancy?

 What you have to do is to visit the booth of the company advertising the vacancy, then apply for the vacancy in accordance with the procedures followed in this respect.

How could I make a direct contact with a company’s representative?

Visit the booth of the company that you are interested to contact, then press the (Chat) button provided in the platform. A contact page wills pop-up then via this page you can make a written talk with the company’s representative.

Does the Electronic Exhibition provide an easy access for the disabled job seekers?

To emphasize the justice principle regarding the professional rights for all the work force, the Electronic Employment Exhibition gate has been designed in accordance with the international standards of usage which makes it easier to be used by the persons with disabilities.

And because we continuously make every effort to develop our programs and services to suit the disabled job seekers, you can participate informing us with the challenges you have faced while browsing the exhibition gate via the following e-mail: (

What are the technical requirements required to use the exhibition gate?

 In order to be able to use the gate of the electronic employment exhibition we recommend you verify the following:

1- Availability of Adobe Flash Player program.

2- Availability of one of the following browsers in your computer:

3- Knowing that entry to the exhibition is made available from all the internet browsers.

4- Enable the (pop-up windows) in the internet browsers to conduct a live contact with the companies ‘representatives. The pop-up windows can be activated by checking the configuration of your own browser.