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Rehabilitation for Health Diploma Holders Program

The candidate should be:

  1. Saudi.
  2. Health diploma holder.
  3. Nominated by MoH.
  4. Not registered with GOSI or Civil Service System.
  5. Not currently supported by HRDF. 

HRDF supports health diploma trainees by:

  1. Provide a monthly stipend of SR 2,000.
  2. The evaluation eligibilty period is 7 days from the program application date and the payement date will occur every 24th of each month.
  3. Cover the expenses of both theoretical and practical training that take place in CoE and health facilities, respectively.   
  4. Cover the exam fees and one-time retest fees for theoretical training that take place in CoE.

 In case of not fulfillment the request on the mentioned period, please contact us via Contact Us Form.

What is the Rehabilitation program for health diploma holders?

As supported by HRDF, it is a national project that the MLSD and MoH launched together,which aim to rehabilitate the diploma holders in various specialties as part of the nationalization of the health sector.

What is the aim of the program?

Its aim focuses on developing around 7,000 trainees through implementing a one-year period training program.

What is the nature of the Rehabilitation program for health diploma holders?

During the six-month theoretical training in the CoE, the trainees are trained on a various number of skills that are required and approved by the SCHS, which is in cooperation with international institutes. Those who complete the theoretical training period, will receive the practical training for another six months in MoH-affiliated health facilities.

Does the program link the trainees with employment?

Yes, it does. Those who succeed in completing the program will be employed in public hospitals as per the needs of these hospitals. 

Is the program including all health specialties for diploma holders?

Yes, it is. Candidates are chosen according to t the needs of practical training in each specialty. They are also nominated to join the program based on a list approved by the MoH.  

Can the candidate move from one region to another during the theoretical training?

No, s/he can’t. They are placed in by the CoE according to their first location preference and the capacity of these colleges.

Does the practical training take place in the same location of the theoretical training?

Not necessarily, they are placed in training premises and hospitals according to priority and needs.

Can the trainees get employed according to their first location preference after they complete the training period?

No, they can’t.  They get employed in MoH-affiliated facilities according to the needs and capacity of the ministry.

Is there any monthly stipend for the trainee?

Yes, there is. The trainee gets a monthly stipend of SR2,000 during the theoretical and practical training periods as a support by HRDF. The MoH is responsible to transfer the payment to the trainee’s bank account.    

Can the candidate who was previously supported by HRDF get accepted into the program?

Yes, s/he can. Those who previously benefited from HRDF support programs can get accepted into the program.

What is the mechanism for accepting the candidates into the program?

It is done through an approved list of health diploma holders provided by the MoH. 

What are the steps to register with the program?

To register with the program, the applicant should do the following steps:

1-Visit the CoE website and determine his/her location preference.

2-Register with the National Labor Gateway (NLG).

The MoH will verify the applications from 16 to 20 April 2017 and then send notifications to approved candidates, so that they complete other requirements and sign employment contracts.

When is the Rehabilitation program going to start?

It is going to start on May 1, 2017. candidateswill go through an exam to test their English level on April 30, 2017.

I have a problem joining the program, what shall I do?

 You can forward your inquiry to IT Support e-mail ( or program’s twitter account (@HEALTHDGTP).