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SUBOL Program
  • school students
  • university and institutes’students
  • job seeker
  • employees
  1. Enable portal visitors to explore career and academic preferences. 
  2. Enhance job stability and make sure that portal users choose college majors that fit them.
  3. Educate portal visitors of most in-demand market skills. 
  4. Allow them to learn about jobs of tomorrow
  5. Receive career advising remotely through 'Live Chat' service
  6. Change negative perspectives among Saudi nationals about certain jobs in the private sector, freelancing and entrepreneurship.
  7.  Support Saudis in planning their careers that are in line with their personal ambition and job market's needs
  8. Lower job seekers' expectations in the first year of a new job and motivate them to develop their skills. 
  9. Develop career advisors.
  • Motivational Stories
  • Career Pathways
  • College Majors and Specialties 
  • Educational Articles
  • Career Explorer Test
  • CV Builder
  • Career Education Tools
  • Jobs of Tomorrow
  • Career Advising
  • Career Advisors Development