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Rehabilitation for the Faculties of Science Female Graduates Program

The evaluation eligibilty period is 15 days from the program application date, The female trainee will get a monthly stipend with an amount of SR1000 during the training period whereas the HRDF pays all the costs of training and the fees of the SCFHS supervision as well as the female trainees’ monthly stipend and the payement date will occur every 30th of each month.

 In case of not fulfillment the request on the mentioned period, please contact us via Contact Us Form.

  1. The female applicant should be of a Saudi national.
  2. Gaining a bachelor degree from the science colleges in specializations determined in accordance with the training program.
  3. Other conditions are determined on the link of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Which entity will supervise the implantation of Rehabilitation for the faculties of science female graduates program?

The program will be implemented by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in cooperation with some of the leading medical centers to deliver the training programs such as: ( King Abdul-aziz Medical City affiliated to the Ministry of National Guard, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, King Fahad Medical City, Johns Hobkins Hospital (Aramco), Medical City of King Saud University, King Saud Medical City, Prince Sultan Military Medical City …….etc).

What is the mechanism of implementing the rehabilitation program?

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties will supervise the implementation, assessment and approval of the training and rehabilitation program, issuing the certificates for the training program graduates of the targeted category, and that will be conducted on many phases in a way that enables adopting the gradual replacement of the jobs occupied by non-Saudi females at the government and private sectors establishments.

Will the training entity participate in the selection, laying down the training program, and utilize the on-job training and learning opportunities after the program finishes?


How long the program Lasts?

The training period differs from one program to another.

What are the training locations approved by the program?

They differ according to the health facility participating in the training.

How can I enroll for the program?

The Enrollment and application conditions are available on the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties’ website.