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  1. Should be a Saudi national.          
  2. Should have a bachelor, master or PhD degree.
  3. GOSI and MCS records indicate that the applicate has not registered for any job during the past six months
  4. Should not be currently employed.
  5. Should not have previously participated in Tamheer.

The graduates will be provided financial support of 3 000 SAR per month during the three to six months long period of training.

In addition to the monthly program incentive, HRDF will also provide occupational hazard insurance for the duration of the program.

The evaluation eligibilty period is 30 days from the program application date and the payement date will occur  10 – 15  of each month.

In case of not fulfillment the request on the mentioned period, please contact us via Contact Us Form.

  • Prepares Saudi graduates with the competencies, skills and expertise required to effectively participate in and contribute to the labor market.
  • Increases availability of and access to employment opportunities
  • Trainee to receive an e-Certificate upon successful completion of program
  • Trainee to receive electronic training brief-case during training period

1. What is Tamheer Program?

Tamheer Program is an on-the-job-training that targets Saudi nationals, who graduated from local or international universities, either fresh graduates or ex-workers. In order to join the Program, applicants should not have registered in the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) or Civil Service for the last six months. Their training will take place at government entities, outstanding companies and international organizations that have branches in Saudi Arabia.

2. Who is eligible for Tamheer Program?

  •        The candidate must be a Saudi national.
  •        Obtain bachelor’s degree or higher degrees.
  •        He/she should not be currently employed nor has been employed for the last six months.
  •        He/she should not have previously enrolled in Tamheer Program.

3. Can students, who are about to graduate from their colleges or those in cooperative training Programs (COOP) apply for the Program?

No, they cannot benefit from the Program, unless they receive their graduation certificates. Holding Bachelor’s degree or higher degrees is a perquisite for joining the Program.

4. How long the Program is?

The period of the Program depends on the entity that provides training, but it shall be 3-6 months long.

5. Is the Program restricted for a specific gender?

The Program is available for all qualified Saudi males and females.

6. Does the Program cover a certain geographical region within Saudi Arabia?

No, the Program covers all regions of Saudi Arabia, as the Program depends on the availability of entities that provide training.

7. What type of entities is able to offer training opportunities as part of Tamheer Program?

Government entities, semi-government entities and outstanding organizations in the private sector.

8. What type of training opportunities are included in the Program?

The Program offers all training opportunities that are suitable for bachelors’ degrees’ holders and above.

9. Does the Program require a specific study discipline?

The Program requires no specific study discipline.

10. How long do I have to wait after graduation in order to register in Tamheer Program?

You can apply for Tamheer Program after graduation and upon receiving your academic certificate. The applicant should not have registered in the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) or Civil Service for the last six months.

11. Which information do I need to show in order to register in Tamheer Program?

  •        Graduation certificate.
  •        Valid IBAN number under the trainee’s name. His/her bank account should be recognized by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

12. How can I register in Tamheer Program?

  •      Register in the National Labor Gateway (NLG) at (
  •      Press on ‘Programs’.
  •      Select ‘Tamheer Program’ and Click on ‘Apply Here’.
  •      Provide the necessary information as below:
  1.      Valid IBAN number under the trainee’s name.
  2.      Address and location.
  3.      Education information and academic qualification by pressing ‘Attach’, then clicking on ‘Confirm’ and ‘Send’.
  4. Read terms and conditions and click on ‘Agree’.

  •      The applicant will receive a message via e-mail and in the NLG on whether he/she is eligible for the Program or not.
  •      The applicant can explore training opportunities and apply for them when he/she is eligible.
  •      The applicant can follow up on his/her application through ‘Manage Employment and Training Applications’ page. From the same page, he/she can accept or reject interviews and training offers.
  •      After accepting the training offer and the starting date, the applicant becomes a trainee under Tamheer Program and is entitled to the financial reward.

13. When shall I receive my acceptance notification into ‘Tamheer’ training opportunity, and when can I start training?

Being accepted into the Program depends on the entity’s procedures (Show Tamheer Program). You can start right away with the entity after you accept its offer in the National Labor Gate (NLG) as the entity will confirm the starting date on the Portal. Note that you have to finish three e-training courses via the OJT Program ‘Tamheer’ page found in the NLG.

14. Does the Program accept oversea bank accounts?

The Program only accepts bank accounts, which are recognized by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

15. Does the Program provide health insurance coverage?

The trainee will not receive health insurance coverage, but he/she will get insurance against work hazards, that is provided by HRDF.

16. Does Tamheer Program ensure that the trainee gets a full-time or part-time job?

Tamheer Program aims to provide on-the-job-training and to equip the trainee with the needed skills. This does not ensure that the trainee will get a job.

17. Am I able to join Tamheer Program while benefiting from the Social Security System or the Unemployment Program ‘Saned’?

Yes, social security or Saned beneficiaries can apply for Tamheer.

18. Can I apply for Tamheer Program while benefiting from Hafiz Program?

Hafiz Program beneficiaries can apply for Tamheer, but Hafiz payments will be stopped once the applicant accepts a training opportunity then gets started.

19. Can I re-apply for Hafiz Program after Tamheer Program ends/termination?

You must re-apply for Hafiz Program. You will need to follow Hafiz Program requirements.

20. Am I supposed to be registered in GOSI or the Civil Service System while I am in Tamheer Program?

The trainees will not be registered in GOSI or the Civil Service System. If so, he/she will be excluded from the Program.

21. I currently am searching for jobs and performing jobs’ interviews, can this affect my Tamheer eligibility?

You will not be excluded from Tamheer Program even if you look for jobs or conduct job interviews. If the trainee gets employed and registered in GOSI or in the Civil Service System, he/she will be ineligible for the Program.

22. Am I able to register with Tamheer Program even if I have joined the recruitment system ‘Jadarah’ of the Ministry of Civil Service?

Your registration with ‘Jadarah’ system will not result in excluding you from Tamheer Program. If the trainee is employed either in the private or public sector, he/she will be found to be disqualified from the Program.

23. Is there any financial rewards?

Yes, HRDF pays a monthly reward of SAR 3,000 for all trainees who meet the Program’s requirements and have acceptable attendance record at the entity.

24. Does the employer have the right to ask for an amount of my monthly reward?

The employer has no right to ask for an amount of your monthly reward. If so, you can submit a complaint and provide proof via the National Labor Gate (NLG) Portal.

25. Is the trainee entitled to overtime pay?

No, the trainee is only entitled for the SAR 3,000, and it does not involve any overtime.

26. What are the reasons for not releasing the financial reward?

                 I.          The monthly attendance rate is less than 75% during the payment cycle.

               II.          Not providing a valid IBAN number.

              III.          If the trainee attends and starts the training before the confirmed date, the financial reward is deferred until next month, providing that his/her attendance rate is 75% and above.

             IV.           If the trainee is found to be disqualified from the Program or he/she withdraws from it.

27. Why I did not receive the full SAR 3,000 as a financial reward as I expected?

Such cases may occur in the beginning and/or at the end of the Program as HRDF follows a certain payment schedule for releasing financial rewards on a periodical basis. For instance, if the starting date of the training comes after the payment date, the financial reward then calculated according to the actual training days attended by trainee during the payment cycle. Therefore, it will result in reduction in the financial reward.

28. How can I view my reward details?

You can view your attendance rate after you visit the National Labor Gateway (NLG), login into your account, click on ‘Tamheer- OJT’ from ‘Our Services’ drop-down list and go to reward details section at the page end.

29. How can I view my attendance rate?

You can view your attendance rate after you visit the National Labor Gateway (NLG), login into your account, click on ‘Tamheer- OJT’ from ‘Our Services’ drop-down list and go to attendance record section below the page where you can view attendance for the current month or previous months. If you could not find any previous attendance, you have to tell the trainer about adding your attendance record as it is linked to releasing the financial reward.

30. Does the Program offer experience certificate?

Yes, and it is offered by HRDF.

31. What are the requirements for obtaining the Experience Certificate?

The trainee is entitled to an Experience Certificate according to the following conditions:

  •        The trainee should complete all the e-training courses.
  •        His/her attendance rate should not be less than 75% during the entire training Program.
  •        The trainee should evaluate the training Program upon completion.
  •        The entity should evaluate the trainee at the end of the training Program.
  •        The trainee is compliant with the eligibility conditions.

32. How can I evaluate the Program?

You can evaluate the Program after you visit the National Labor Gateway (NLG) then login into your account, click on ‘Tamheer- OJT’ from ‘Our Services’ drop-down list and go to evaluation section below the page.

33. From where can I get my Experience Certificate?

You can get your Experience Certificate after you visit the National Labor Gateway (NLG), login into your account, click on ‘Tamheer- OJT’ from ‘Our Services’ drop-down list and go to certificates section below the page then you can print it directly from there.

34. Should I complete all the e-courses?

Yes, you have to complete all the e-courses as they enhance your skillset.

35. How can I attend the e-training courses?

After you accept the training opportunity in the Portal and receive confirmation for the training starting date, you will get a notification that contains e-courses links. Also, you can enter the e-courses through the Notifications Center and OJT page found on ‘Our Services’ drop-down list.

36. Am I able to take vacations during the Program period?

Only for Public Holidays and the National Day, but not for annual leaves, maternity leaves, bereavement leaves, sick leaves, and other leave types. If the trainee gets absent for any reason, it will be included in the attendance record. In addition, he/she will not receive the monthly financial reward if his/her attendance rate is less than 75%.

37. To what extent does entity’s evaluation have impact on the trainee?

It does not affect the trainee. It is just for information gathering purposes.

38. In which cases does the trainee get excluded from the Program?

-If the trainee violates eligibility conditions by being a GOSI-registered worker or a civil worker.

-His/her attendance rate is less than 75% during two payment cycles, occurring consecutively or non-consecutively.

39. Does the entity have the right to terminate my training Program? What are the cases?

The entity can end the Program according to the following cases:

  •        Violate code of conduct in the workplace.
  •        Flagrant misconduct.
  •        Cause property damage.
  •        Forge documents and reveal confidential information.
  •         Get employed during the Program period.

How is the training continue during training/work suspension times, as what happened during the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic in 2020 in order to counter the negative consequences of the Virus spread?

Tamheer Program must continue. Also, to record trainees’ attendance and  to disburse their payments (rewards) as per the Program conditions and rules. Moreover, Individuals must follow the Saudi Government directions and guidelines to mitigate any emergency cases or negative effects and consequences, as what happened during the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic in 2020 in order to counter its spread.

Also, Individuals must adopt distance working using different telecommunication tools and applications in response to the Government guidelines. Finally, Individuals must complete their duties as their attendance is linked to their duty accomplishment.