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Training in non-Profitable Institutes Program
  1. The beneficiary should be a job seeker, currently unemployed and should not be a regular student at any of the educational institutions.
  2. A Saudi national or a son or a daughter of a Saudi mother.
  3. The beneficiary should be employed at any of the subsidized jobs.
  4. The employee should be a new joiner at the establishment.

Subsidizing the Training Stage:

HRDF contributes during the training period with the ratio of 75% of the training costs for a period of time that does not exceed the 24 months, with a monthly amount that does not exceed SAR 3000 for each employee. Whereas the employing body covers the remaining costs.

HRDF, contributes by covering a ratio of the employee’s salary during the training period which is 75% with a monthly amount that doesn’t exceed SAR 1000 for each employee whereas the employing body covers the remaining ratio of the salary.

The evaluation eligibilty period is 30 days from the program application date and the payement date will occur every 30th of each month.

In case of not fulfillment the request on the mentioned period, please contact us via Contact Us Form.

Is HRDF subsidy restricted to the private sector establishments?

In addition to the private sector establishments, HADAF subsidizes the charity sector (charitable organizations, cooperative associations, scientific societies, social development committees) on the condition that they all should be licensed by the responsible authorities

Does HRDF have a maximum limit of subsidy for the employees of each establishments?

There is no maximum limit of subsidy for the employees of the establishment, on the condition that there should be an employment time scheduled plan that does not exceed (12) months from the employment date of the first group covered by the plan.