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Tele- Job Placement Center Program

What is the Tele-Employment Center?

The Tele-Employment Center is a training and employment center which provides its services to the job seekers who are unable to commute by providing them with the training and rehabilitating services without the job seekers need to attend at the center.

Who is responsible for the process of job seeking, the Tele-Employment center or the job seeker?

The process of job seeking is a joint process between the job seeker and the employment advisor, therefore the job seeker should show his serious interest or desire in getting a job, and he should work hard enough to achieve that objective, and the employment advisor plays the role of providing the counseling, directions, rehabilitation and assisting in seeking for the suitable job.

How long will the job seekers be in this program?

The staying period of the job seeker in the Tele-Employment center starts from the date of joining the center and it will last for a maximum period of 26 weeks, and you could communicate with the employment center that you have been transferred to in order to know more information about the determined period.

What is the role of the employment advisor after the job seeker joining any company?

The employment advisor communicates with the job seeker once every two weeks at least, and for 3-month period, in order to verify the success of the employment process, and to know the challenges and difficulties and attempting to solve them if there are any.

Does the job seeker have the right to submit an objection to HRDF against the employment center?

Yes, the job seeker has the right to submit an objection via calling Hafiz program on the unified number: 920020301. And the job seeker also has the right to submit a complaint or any comments with the Tele-employment center management regarding the provided services.

Does the job seeker have the right to postpone the scheduled appointment of the electronic workshops or the interviews with the companies?

Yes, the job seeker is allowed to postpone after submitting an excuse that should be acceptable for the employment advisor.

Is attending the electronic workshops obligatory?

The attendance in the workshops that are determined by the employment advisor is obligatory, because of the importance of the presented workshops regarding the job seekers rehabilitation, which consequently accelerate the process of finding a suitable job and ensuring the job seeker continuity in the program. And in case there is an acceptable excuse then the job seeker could coordinate with the employment advisor regarding that.

What should the job seeker do when he is informed that he has been transferred to one of Taqat centers for rehabilitation and employment in the duties department in Hafiz website?

He should click on the acknowledgment square, and he should contact the center in order to determine the preliminary appointment to start the program of the employment via the telephone.