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Job Placement Centers Program

Those who wish to benefit from the Job Placement Centers should adhere to the below criteria:

  1. Age between 18 and 60 years old.
  2. Saudi national or non-Saudi from Saudi mothers.
  3. Registered on TAQAT The National Labor Gateway.
  4. Not a part-time or full-time student or trainee
  5. Not retired or currently employed.
  6. Not engaged in any commercial activities.

The JPCs offers a range of activities to the beneficiaries during the Jobseeker Journey, with the aim of preparing the jobseekers for the labor market and provide access to suitable jobs.

Some key Jobseeker Journey steps are as follows:

1. Referral: Periodic assignment of ‘Hafiz’ registered job seekers are referred to ‘Taqat’ JPCs located closest to them

2. Contact: Referred jobseekers are contacted by the JPCs and scheduled for their first visit to the JPC

3. Attachment: Registering a jobseeker with the JPC through the below activities

  • Ensuring eligibility of the jobseeker for the program.
  • Inducting jobseeker and informing them of roles and responsibilities throughout the journey
  • Assess current jobseeker capabilities and skillset while understanding their ambitions.
  •  Identifying any support or accommodation needs of the jobseeker.
  • Developing an individualized plan for employment.

4. Pre-employment Support: This service includes the below:

  • Continuous monitoring and alignment with the Individualized plan for employment.
  • Training courses.
  •  Job matching and nominating jobseekers to employers.

5. Placement: This service includes the below:

  •   Signing a contract with the employer.
  •    Facilitating start of work at the new job.
  •    Engaging employers to register new employees on GOSI.

6. Post Placement Support: This service includes the below:

  •  Regular progress tracking with the employer.
  •  Regular progress tracking with the employee (former job seeker).
  •  Mentoring through initial stage of the new job

7. Sustainability: Conclusion of the three-month post placement support period with new employees while offering career education and guidance supporting completion of 90 days continuous employment with a specific employer.

Do the JPCs offer government jobs?

The JPCs do not offer government jobs.

Do the JPCs’ services require fees?

They do not require fees. The JPC services are completely supported by HRDF which aims to serve job seekers.

How can I be contacted to visit the center?

The job seeker is reached on his/her telephone number registered with TAQAT The National Labor Gateway. The SMS are also sent to the same number of the job seeker. 

Is my presence required to visit the center when I get a respond?

If you are registered with the Hafiz program, your presence is required in order to continue receiving the financial support that the program offers.