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The Employment Offices Program

Does the employment office provide courses on English language & computer?

No , the employment offices provide the assistance & support in getting a job via the national labor gateway website but they don’t  develop the academic qualifications &  the work experiences.

What is required from the job seeker in case making an appointment to make an interview in one of the companies?

-                   Early attendance.

-                   Bringing all the required documents  when submitting the application.

-                   Preparing a well-organized  cv and making a copy of it.

-                   Show a serious interest to get a job.

Who will conduct the verification or visits the employment offices?

The HRDF team or a team of the  concerned advisors who are appointed by the human resources development fund  officials.

How could I join the national employment offices network?

By applying through the electronic services at the HRDF website & completing the enrollment procedures whenever it is possible. It is noteworthy stating here that enrollment is made available from time to time according to the   labor procedures & measures.

How could I get the information about the invoices if I have a specific inquiry about specific invoice?

You can easily communicate with  invoices  team on the following e-mail:

What are the requirements to register with the Employment Offices Program?

1. Visit HRDF website to register with the Employment Offices Program.

2. Submit the application to the HRDF Administration in order to register with the program.

3. Hold a valid permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) with expiration date of not less than 6 months during negotiation process.

4. Hold a valid commercial registry with expiration date of not less than 6 months during negotiation process.

5. Nationalization certificate issued by MLSD.

6. Insurance entitlement certificate issued by GOSI.

7. Membership certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

8. Valid ‘Zakat’ & income certificate or statement that proves the entity’s registration with the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, which states that the entity is eligible to use government services and enter bidding without incurring any financial entitlements.

9. Provide the employment plan as per requirements agreed between the office and HRDF.

10. Provide HRDF with the number of employees registered with the office owners and their national ID.

11. Verified IBAN bank number.

12. Employment agreements signed with companies that hire Saudi nationals.

13. Job vacancies provided by the office. 

14. A sample of job seekers’ resumes that the office keeps in its data.

15. A report of employment figures if applicable.

16. Target sectors and office’s marketing plan meant to attract companies and job seekers.  

17.  If the office has a website, the link must be shared with HRDF.

18. Provide office’s location.

What are the standards & criteria on which the evaluation is based & made?

Office employee:

  •        Number of office employees: The number of those registered with GOSI should not be less than two or what is decided by HRDF.
  •        Experience and academic qualification: For those who are employed by employment offices.
  •        If the employment office is specialized in recruiting persons with disabilities, the staff should be qualified for offering such a service.


  •        Accessible office:  The office should be located on a main street or in downtown. This condition does not apply for non-profit offices.
  •        Office signs: The office should have a clear outdoor sign that shows its location. If the site of office is located within a tower or a commercial building, an indoor sign should be provided to point to the office’s location.
  •        Office space: The office must have a reception area for job seekers, a room for employment consultants and a meeting room. It does not apply for offices located outside big cities or for non-profit entities.   

Operational plans for offices:

  •        Vision and mission.
  •        Services, target sectors, number of placements (hires) and marketing plan.
  •        Strategy for attracting companies and job seekers.


What is the relationship between MLSD, HRDF and the employment office?

In cooperation of MLSD, the employment offices program is one of the HRDF’s initiatives aiming to employ Saudi nationals. It is a partnership that enhances the relationship between HRDF and employment offices to offer services for job seekers who meet job requirements.

Which is the fastest & best in the job seeking process, is it the employment office or the job seeker?

The process of job seeking is considered a joint  process between the job seeker & the employment office . therefore the job seeker should show  a serious desire in getting  the job and to work hard to achieve that objective  whereas the employment office provides  the counseling or guidance & directions  regarding  seeking for the suitable job but this process never  ensures getting a job particularly if the job seeker is not serious  to be employed.

What are the services provided for the job seeker by the employment office?

-                   Assisting the job seeker in writing a well- organized cv.

-                   Career or job  advising .

-                   Providing the suitable opportunities based on the job seeker’s  qualifications  & capabilities.

-                   Preparing the interviews with the  employing bodies .

-                   Following up the job seeker after joining the new job.

-                   What is required from the job seeker?

-                   Following up & interaction with the jobs offered at the national labor gateway website.

-                   The importance of submitting  the  muniment of title , and the identity card.

-                   Abidance by attending the interviews.

-                   Communicating with the employment office even  after joining the work.

-                   Proving  the obtaining of a job

What is the subsidy that I will find from the employment office ?

The employment office will provide the assistance & subsidy regarding the following:

-                   Getting the suitable job that matches your needs , academic qualifications , and  the previous work experience  through the jobs  displayed on the national labor gateway website.

-                   Determining  your job objective , advising you to write a well-organized cv, training you on the job seeking ways via the website ,and providing you with the job opportunities that  suit your capabilities & abilities.

Does the employment office guarantee getting a job?

The employment office doesn’t guarantee getting a job instead it will support & assist you to get a suitable job that matches your academic qualifications & your previous work experience according to the available opportunities in the labor market through TAQAT The National Labor Gateway.

Could I join a job in the governmental sector?

The employment office doesn’t  provide any jobs in the governmental sector , but it provides the assistance  to get jobs in the private sector.

Do the employment office shave the power on the companies in a way that they obligate the companies to provide me with what I’m interested in my capacity as a job seeker?

The employment offices don’t have any power over the companies  to obligate them  to accept the  candidates ,  but instead they spare no efforts to provide the largest possible number of the job opportunities  for the private sector  through the jobs displayed on the national labor gateway website.

If I cannot come to attend one of the interview appointment agreed upon with the employment office , what shall I do?

You can coordinate with that   employment office  concerning you and make a new appointment that suits the two parties (you & the employment office) on condition that you provide an acceptable excuse

Does the job seeker has the right to postpone the scheduled appointments or the interviews with the companies?

The job seeker could  postpone the appointment after providing the acceptable excuse for the employment office  in order to coordinate  another new appointment with the employing body.

What is the financial amount for each hire and sustainable employment?

The employment office receives a maximum of SR2,800 for each hire according to the procedures and the contract signed between the office and the HRDF, which is delivered in four payments as bellow:

-SR800 paid once the job seeker gets employed

-SR800 paid after three-month employment.

-SR600 paid after six-month employment.

-SR600 paid after one-year employment.

What is the employment office’s role after the job seeker joins a company?

The job seeker contacts the job seeker on a weekly basis for a period of three months  to verify the successfulness of the  employment process and to know about the challenges & difficulties that might face  the job seeker and trying to remove those difficulties.

Does the job seeker have the right to file a complaint to the HRDF against the employment office?

Yes, s/he has the right to file a complaint through contacting the unified customer service no. 920020301. 

What is the nearest employment office to me?

You can contact the unified customer service no. 920020301 to inquire about the nearest employment office to you. 

How could the HRDF verify that the employee doesn't have a previous experience?

There are some office allocated for the male jobseekers &  other offices allocated for the female job seekers and also there are  employment offices that  are allocated for both the male & female job seekers.

Does the employment office have the right to impose fees against the services provided by the employment office for the job seeker?

The employment offices  working  through the channel of Taqaat , don’t have the right to collect any fees against providing  the services for the job seekers who are registered in  Hafiz system  and they do so then it is considered a violation for the contract and the HRDF has the right to take the right procedures including  nullifying  the  contract.


How could the employment office access the data of the job seeker who is registered in Hafiz?

The employment offices could polarize or attract the job seekers  and reach their data or information via  advertising or announcing the vacancies on the national labor gateway website.


How could I get the account of the national labor gateway ?

If you are the company’s owner, you can use  the username & the password that are allocated for you and approved by  ministry of labor  in order to lo in the national labor gateway website. And in case you  are an employments office , then you should complete the registration in the HRDF website  in the box of (electronic services) (Taqaat employment office ) in order to start the approval procedures of  an  HRDF employment office , then the account concerning you will be created on the electronic  gateway website .

How much is the amount of money eligible at the employment & how much the amount of money eligible for the sustainability?

The total financial  amount  that the employment office can  achieve for each case of a job seeker is SR2,800  it is  paid in  payments  or installments in accordance with the procedures & the contract signed  with the  HRDF, and it it is divided as the following:

-                   The eligible amount of money when achieving the employment.

-                    The eligible amount of money when achieving sustainability  at work for a period of time not less than 3months is SR800 .

-                   After a period of 6month from the employment date the amount of money is SR600.

-                   After a one year period from the employment date the amount of money is SR600.

What is the method followed by employment office to get the data or information of the job seekers who are registered in Hafiz?

When signing the contract between theHRDF and the employment office , the employment office manage to register in the national labor gateway website  as an employment office  which allows you to enter  the electronic gateway website.

The employment office  put the  vacancies that it has in its private file  whereas the  search engine  in the website assists  the employment office  in nominating the right  job seekers(according to the qualifications , experiences and the post…and this depends on the cv submitted by the job seeker) according to announced or advertised  the vacancies where the employment can invite the right job seekers  for the vacancies announced or advertised bearing in mind that the personal information such as  the name, the contact number , the e-mail don not  appear to the office  unless the job seeker whether  male or female  accepts the invitation of applying for a job  and/or  the job seeker himself/herself  make an initiative  and apply for a vacancy.

Could I ,as an employment office , impose any kind of the fees on the job seekers who are subjected to the agreement?

No , this act or behavior is not permitted at all and it will be considered as a breach for the concluded  agreement  with the human resources development fund and any employment office acting or behaving in that way would be exposed to the  procedures of permanent  nullification  of the agreement.

What are the requirements for renewing or cancelling the employment agreement?


The office should have achieved the target number of hires mentioned in the agreement.

Provide monthly reports during the specified period.

Attend workshops prepared by HRDF.

Provide a proof for managerial and technical effectiveness.


Not delivering monthly reports after being notified.

Being not able to commit to the agreement.

Being not able to follow HRDF’s requirements.

Forcing job seekers to pay fees.

What are the requirements that job seekers should follow?

-Follow and respond to job posts on the National Labor Gateway ‘Taqat’.

-Provide documents that prove their identity.

-Provide the office with the confirmation code that shows the job seeker is registered with the office.

-Attend job interviews.

- The job seeker should keep in touch with the office even after s/he gets the job.

-Provide a proof for employment.