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DOROOB Program

You can register on the Doroob platform by following these steps:

• Access the Doroob platform via the following link: Create a new Doroob account
• Complete all required Fields.
• Enter the answer to a question (Saudi citizen?) with (Yes), if you are a Saudi citizen, and then enter your national ID number. Choose (No) for non-Saudis then complete the rest of the required fields.

Can anyone register on the Doroob platform? What are the registry requirements?

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to enroll in the Doroob platform and enroll in training programs.

What fields of training programs are available on Doroob?

Doroob offers a range of training programs related to the needs of the labor market and continuously increases the number of training program. You can view the latest training programs by visiting the following link:Doroob

Does the trainee have to pay fees to enroll in the training programs and benefit from the services provided by Doroob platform?

Registration to the Doroob platform is free and available for everyone. In addition, all training programs offered are free.

How can I link TAQAT account to Doroob account?

To link your TAQAT account to Doroob account, please follow these steps:

  •        Access to Doroob  via the following link: Doroob
  •        Login to Doroob directly by clicking on (TAQAT User) to the left of the login page.
  •        Complete the login process by entering your username and password.

How do I access the Doroob platform?

You can access Doroob by following these steps:

  •        Access to  Doroob via the following link:  Doroob
  •        Tap (Login) in the top right corner of the home page.
  •        Enter your email and password.
  •        If you are TAQAT user tap on (TAQA user) to the left of the page.
  •        You will go to the Training courses page where you can browse all the courses on Doroob.

How do I enroll in the training course?

You can enroll in the training course by following these steps:

  •        Log in to the Doroob Platform.
  •        Click on (e-courses) or (training paths) or (localization paths).
  •        You will see all the training courses in each category.
  •        Browse all training courses and select the course you want to enroll in.
  •        Click on (Register Now).
  •        You will see the (courses registered) page click on (Start Now).
  •        You will see course details.
  •        Click (Go to Course) to start.

Can I enroll in more than one training course at the same time?

Certainly, you can enroll in more than one training course during the same time.

When does the training course start? And how many hours need to complete it?

All the training courses are on Doroob continuously, and you can know the number of hours for each course by looking at the number written in the left of the home page that called (estimated effort).

What are the courses languages in Doroob?

The platform includes Courses in Arabic language as well as English language.

How do I determine which training course is right for my needs?

Choose the right training course based on your academic major - the job you seek to - your current job - your interests.

 After completing the course, think about how you can benefit from it in your job and your life in a practical and viable way.

Is there a specific time to complete the training course?

The training courses are designed to suit your time and speed of progress, so slowing down on the training progress is fine, but try to complete the course tasks in a reasonable time, in order to benefit the most of the course.

If one of the previous training courses is no longer available, will it be reintroduced again later?

Most of the training courses in Doroob are constantly available, and if the course is no longer available, it is likely that it has been updated or modified.

What certifications does Doroob offer me?

Doroob offers two types of certificates:

  •     Certificate of completion of a training course: obtained by the trainee upon completion of the requirements of the training course.
  •     Certificate of completion of a training program: obtained by the trainee when completing the requirements of all training courses in a specific program path.
  • All certificates have the logo of the Human Resources Development Fund "HRDF" and Doroob platform logo.

Is it necessary to obtain a certificate complete the training course?

Yes, you must complete the training course, complete all the requirements, and pass the quizzes and final exam by at least 70% in order to be able to obtain a certificate of completion of the course.

Which web browsers are suitable for browsing the Doroob platform?

All web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. can be used to browse Doroob, and it is necessary to have the latest update version of the browser used to ensure the platform works good.

Can I access training courses by mobile phone?

Doroob may not fully support the use of mobile phones when browsing training course as some components may work, but not properly, so it is better to use a desktop or a laptop.

Is it possible to follow the updates of the Doroob platform of courses and training programs on social media?

You can follow Doroob on the following social media:

How can I contact the team at Doroob in case I encounter a new problem not mentioned? Is it possible to communicate to propose a suggestion or request cooperation with Doroob platform?

You can contact us to ask your questions and suggestions through the following communication channels:

• Call our Customer Service Center on the following number: 920020301

• Fill out the contact form via the following link: inquiries and problems